Design-Build Air Handler 2, 12, 21 & 22


West Palm Beach, Florida


Department of Veterans Affairs



Project Cost


The Gulf Building & Hernandez Consulting Joint Venture completed a task order under the Department of Veterans Affairs South Florida MATOC to replace air handlers at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

This task order was a design-build project for replacement and redesign of four (4) Air Handlers 2, 12, 21, and 22. These AHU’s serve critical spaces, including the OR and Recovery Suites, as well as the SPD. The project involved inspection and correction of the existing support system. The project entailed designing the units to the VA specifications and applicable design guides to maintain temperature and humidity levels in these critical care areas. Work was required to be conducted over holiday weekends, and the three critical units were replaced over a single 4-day holiday period which included demolition, installation, start-up, and test and balance all within 96 hours. Work was completed so that the VA’s healing environment and was not disturbed while meeting specific infectious control procedures.