The safety and health of all employees are of prime importance to Hernandez Consulting & Construction. It is our belief that accidents injuring persons and damaging equipment cause needless human suffering, inconvenience, and expense. Hernandez shall provide our employees a work environment as free of recognized hazards as is possible and practical. Control of potential safety and health hazards as well as their elimination is the primary objective of Hernandez’s safety program.

Hernandez has a committee that reviews and implements all plans and safety inspections for the company.  All Operations Personnel (Project Managers, Superintendents, and Field Engineers) are required to have OSHA 30 Certification and are responsible for enforcing the Site Safety Plan at each jobsite to ensure safe, efficient work practices and procedures.  All Hernandez employees are required to complete OSHA 10 Certification so that they have some type of training to go on any jobsite at any time.  Everyone is responsible for ensuring that our safety programs and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are understood and enforced.  Employees shall have access to a copy of the Hernandez Consulting & Construction Safety Manual on site and digitally. The manual will be updated with all additions and modifications when distributed for a new task order or OSHA regulations change.  In addition to the company and site safety plans, Hernandez has other systems is place such as Emergency Action Plans, Erosion Plans, and Site Safety Inspections.

Hernandez is dedicated to complying with all applicable federal, state, local and industry safety and health guidelines and regulations.