3C Mental Health Dining Multipurpose Room


West Palm Beach, FL


Department of Veterans Affairs



Project Cost


This project included the design and reconstruction/renovation of the existing 3C Administration Suite into an Inpatient Dining/Multi-Purpose Room for 30 inpatient residents. The approximate square footage of renovation is estimated at 1,500 square feet.

The completed Dining/Multi-Purpose Room is a functional and efficient area for inpatient dining, as well as a functional multi-purpose, media/learning area and interactive social space. The newly constructed area also included the need for a renovated sally port to a secure egress on the 3C wing, a relocation of the existing main sally port for the entrance to the ward, and a renovation to one office room.

The newly renovated areas included the construction of a dedicated storage / observation room directly adjacent to the dining room. The project included recessed LED lighting, anti-ligature hand-wash stations, computer work stations, recessed countertop units, 4-hour rated firewalls, a panic and overhead paging security system and two multi-media entertainment centers.

The existing 3C Admin Suite was investigated, observed, studied and reviewed with regard to each office/room, number of inpatient personnel, staff needs, work shifts, security, existing space, data, plumbing, HVAC, electrical power, equipment and material requirements to determine the most appropriate design.