Design-Build Various Infrastructure Corrections


New Orleans, LA


Department of Veterans Affairs



Project Cost


The Various Infrastructure Project at the New Orleans VA Medical Center was a project to correct an array of issues. The design-build project included:

  • Demolition and replacing two fuel oil transfer pumps, a day tank fuel sensor and sight level gauge
  • An investigation and correction to the 12,000-gallon underground service tank fuel vent line in and around the area of the center’s emergency generator room.
    • Additionally, in this part of the facility, Hernandez Consulting & Construction designed and installed a fire sprinkler system
    • Replaced the batteries for generators #1 and #3, serviced the #3 generator,
    • Demolished and revamped an outdated conduit/wiring to the automatic transfer switch connecting the emergency generators to the remainder of the hospital complex.
  • The project also included painting the floors and walls of the emergency generator room, as well as the main electrical and switchgear rooms for the facility.
  • Finally, Hernandez completed an additional scope of work to design and install lighting in the basement section known as the Old Chiller Plant and a sewage lift station system including two new pumps and controls in the center’s subbasement