Sustainability & Energy Management 

Design/Build Medical Center Solar Photovoltaic System  

Location:  West Palm Beach, FL

Contract Completion:  February 2014

Project Cost:  $793,638.00

The Gulf Building & Hernandez Consulting Joint Venture has completed a project to install a solar photovoltaic system for the West Palm Beach VA Hospital. The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems was installed on the roofs of buildings #10 and #13 on the Medical Center campus. The design had to meet additional wind loading and uplift because the project is located in a high wind zone, and needed to withstand hurricane force winds. This project is “Net Metered” and tied to the local electrical grid. The system is designed to produce over 200kW of power.

Energy Audits & Strategy for New Orleans Public Schools


Location:  New Orleans, LA

Contract Completion:  January 2010

Project Cost:  $500,000

Hernandez Consulting provided energy modeling, energy auditing, and general energy efficiency consulting services to the New Orleans Public School System, including an overall energy efficiency conservation strategy. We used utility data and building plans to conduct initial assessments of schools. During site visits, our team evaluated the condition of HVAC, kitchen, lighting and other control equipment for energy. The information collected was organized and analyzed in computer models and presented in a report along with a list of the most effective Energy Conservation Measures, Water Conservation Measures, and Facility Improvement Measures, to include payback analysis, equipment review/selection and final recommendations. The comprehensive energy audit report is being used by A/E Design teams for deciding retro-fits, improvements, and new construction changes in order to achieve LEED Silver certification for the schools.

Site & Building Lighting Upgrades

Location:  West Palm Beach, FL

Contract Completion:  October 2013

Project Cost:  $972,673.00

This project was to design/build upgrades to site and building lighting systems for a Medical Center. The project included a full lighting survey, to determine lighting counts and energy usage, to be used as the basis of the lighting design. The project was required to meet a minimum 5%-10% energy reduction for the new lighting to be used while still maintain the photometrics and lighting quality that was installed previously. Work was being phased to maintain operations at the Medical Center


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