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U.S. Army Admin Building Renovation

Location:  Kileen, TX

Contract Completion:  August 2013

Project Cost:  $2,883,407.00

Hernandez Consulting converted a 3-story residential building, into office space. The 24,000 SF structure required complete interior demolition for the full renovation. Except for the air handler unit, an all-new mechanical system was installed. The new heater and boiler were installed to work with the existing air handler unit. Insulation was added in all new walls and the windows were replaced with Low-emissions High R value glazing. Each floor was systematically completed by trade before moving on to the next floor. This phasing allowed for continuous construction. The complete roof replacement occurred in the first phase while demolition of the interior spaces was being completed. Exterior landscaping, seeding and improvement were part of the final phase.

U.S. District Courts Magistrate Courtroom Renovation 

Location:  Fayetteville, AR

Contract Completion:  June 2014

Project Cost:  $819,426.00

The project was to renovate approximately 3,200 SF of offices in the John Paul Hammerschmidt Federal Building into a new Magistrate Courtroom with support spaces. The project included demolition and asbestos abatement of the existing space. Asbestos abatement was performed during off-hours to preserve the safety of the occupants of the building. Finishes include Grade A red-oak wainscoting, a bullet proof judge's bench, and jury and spectator seating. New soundproof doors and a coiffured ceiling completed the space. Special care was taken to schedule work with other building occupants including several Federal Courts and a US Marshall’s Office.

Emergency & Ambulatory Care Renovation & Expansion

Location:  Alexandria, LA

Contract Completion:  June 2013

Project Cost:  $7,085,753.24

The project encompassed approximately 17,135 square feet of new construction, 20,759 square feet of renovated space, and 2,760 square feet of outside covered patio. Work consisted of thermal and moisture protection, doors, windows, interior finishes, miscellaneous specialties, mechanical, electrical, and asbestos abatement. Portions of the building remained in use while work was being completed, project phasing and strict infections controls were utilized to maintain separation of occupied spaces and construction areas.

Mental Health & Homeless Center Renovation

Location:  Dallas, TX

Contract Completion:  March 2013

Project Cost:  $1,256,608.00

This Design/Build project is for an addition as well as a complete interior renovation to a mental health clinic. The existing structure was completely gutted including removal of the fire line and HVAC system. The expansion areas open into the existing area adding 1,500 SF of new office and multipurpose space. The 21 ton HVAC system provides zone controls. Natural light is provided through the use of windows and solar tubes. In total 4,000 SF of clinical space have been brought up to proper HHS standards while providing a comfortable place for patients to receive treatment and feel safe.


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