Wings of the World


New Orleans, LA


Audubon Zoo



Project Cost


This $3,329,000 contract with the Audubon Nature Institute involved the renovation of the zoo’s tropical birdhouse, now named “Wings of the World”. Damaged during Hurricane Katrina, the birdhouse needed a full overhaul. The original building shell was reused, as well as the existing masonry and cast stone. The existing interior walkway through the exhibit was refinished with a concrete coating. All mechanical systems were removed and replaced, as well as the three different roof systems. Two damaged etched glass doors were recreated and installed, and the existing storefront material was replaced with new glass. The exterior stucco finish was repaired and repainted.

The aviary now houses over 60 different tropical birds. All the existing bird cages were removed and replaced, and the interior landscaping was designed to create a tropical environment. To maintain a proper temperature for the birds, the mechanical controls were updated with new computer systems.