Terry Parkway Social Security Office Renovations


Terrytown, LA


Rick El-Jaouhari Social Security Building



Project Cost


The Terry Parkway Social Security Administration (SSA) Renovation entailed adding 18 additional transaction windows to the existing facility allowing the Social Security Administration to attend to 22 clients simultaneously, rather than the 4 they were previously able to accommodate at one time.  In addition to adding the transaction windows, a private interview room was added and the employee multi-purpose room was renovated with new cabinets, flooring and paint.  The entire lobby area floor was replaced with new VCT and baseboard and all the wall paper and FRP in the building was cleaned.  The renovation also included shampooing all of the carpet in the building, cleaning and sealing all of the tile on the walls and floors in the bathrooms as well as new paint for the employee area and managers offices.  Temporary electrical and data drops were provided and during construction and new permanent phone, data and power was supplied to approximately 45 owner-supplied cubicles after the client took possession of the space.