St. Louis Office


New Orleans, LA

Hernandez Consulting & Construction is currently completing the construction of its new office, located in Mid-City. The 20,000SQFT warehouse, formerly a distribution center for The Times-Picayune, will house Hernandez and its teaming partners, Albert Architecture and NORF Companies. This location allows for collaboration between each company to maximize full project capabilities. The facility will also feature storage space for Uber Jump Bikes, built out by Hernandez.

The 8,000SQFT office space will have mostly industrial-inspired finishes and tones to satisfy with SHPO requirements, qualifying as a historical preservation renovation.

The open layout allows a free flow of ideas between the Pre-Construction and Operations teams to coordinate with all departments. The build-out will also provide spaces for the Human Resources and Accounting departments while optimizing space for various size conference rooms to meet internally, or with owners, clients, and subcontractors.