Shotgun Houses


New Orleans, LA


Department of Veterans Affairs



Project Cost


Complete renovation/restoration of four historic shotgun houses on the campus of the new VA Medical Center in downtown New Orleans. The houses date from the early 1900’s and were moved into location from offsite to be used as a medical rehabilitation center for patients from the adjacent hospital. The initial phase of construction involved substantial asbestos, lead and mold abatement. Renovations included completely gutting the interior of the homes and replacing damaged structural members, roof decking and framing. All of the buildings systems were upgraded including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, wet and dry sprinkler systems, fire alarms, physical access control, data, and lightning protection. New drywall, paint, cabinets and hardware were installed as well as new roofing and gutters. Existing wood floors, door frames, and trim that were salvageable were refinished and preserved to keep the historic nature of the properties intact.