Pharmacy Clean Room Shreveport


Shreveport, LA


Department of Veterans Affairs



Project Cost


Hernandez Consulting & Construction recently completed the renovation of the existing Pharmacy Clean Room at the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center in Shreveport, LA.

Under negative air, and while maintaining the Pharmacy active with staff, Hernandez erected a gypsum construction wall, sealed at the floor and above ceiling.  We performed demolition of existing finishes and surfaces. Hernandez installed new HVAC ductwork and components to service the clean room at the required indoor pressure. A new reverse osmosis system was installed into the existing plumbing system, as well as 2 new pass-through HEPA windows into the walls of the clean room. Three new synchronized clean room sliding pass-through doors with sensors were installed.  Installed telecoms, fire alarm, HVAC controls, door controls, among the low-voltage systems required.  Finally, new gypsum walls and ceilings with coves and rounded corners were installed, covering all floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces with resinous epoxy coatings.

Hernandez was awarded a change order to demolish the existing air handler that services the clean room, and replace it with a new air handler unit.  Additional lightning protection was added to the existing lightning protection on the rooftop and then provided a certification on the complete system.  New HVAC controls were provided for the new air handler unit.   And lastly, new parapet-mounted steel handrails were erected to provide safety for rooftop access.

Following the completion of this project, Hernandez performed commissioning and test and balance of the new HVAC system to ensure the clean room achieved the required indoor pressure and controlled temperature.