NOMA Katrina Repairs


New Orleans, LA


New Orleans Museum of Art



Project Cost


Hernandez Consulting & Construction completed the Katrina Repairs for the New Orleans Museum of Art. Much of the contract was the constructing a new cooling tower and equipment and demolishing the existing one that was damaged during Hurricane Katrina. In addition, the museum was re-roofed, and vertical wall waterproofing was installed in many locations, including a large courtyard. A new electrical panel was installed to support the replacement HVAC cooling tower with new high voltage feeds from the local utility and a new transformer. Interior renovations were conducted to repair damaged storage and office spaces as well.

The art museum was required to remain in service throughout construction, as the climate control systems are essential to protecting and preserving the artwork and artifacts. Water intrusion during roof replacement and other work was a high priority as any damage to the museum’s collections would have been catastrophic. Our team of construction professionals had to be extremely careful as they worked around all artwork. The planning of the HVAC and power transitions had to be planned precisely, as the temperature and moisture levels had to remain constant during the changes. We can phase projects and plan them around a working and occupied building.