Explosive Handling Wharf


NSB Kings Bay, GA


NAVFAC Southeast



Project Cost


Hernandez Consulting & Construction made various repairs and refurbishments to a support facility and dock equipment located in Explosive Handling Wharf #2 at the Naval Submarine Base in Kings Bay, GA.

In the support facility, Hernandez installed a multi-zone 410A HVAC system, utilizing VAVs and a new DDC system for the second floor. Our team also made various finish upgrades to the building’s administrative spaces including replacement of all flooring and ceiling tiles, repairs to drywall throughout the building and new paint.

Hernandez also deconstructed, refurbished and re-installed the shore power boom located in Building 5109. Vanguard Electric (sub) replaced the U.K. shore power cables under one CLIN and new cables on the rebuilt Shore Power Booms under a separate CLIN. Also tested and certified that the old U.K. cables were still good.

The project also involved repairs and modernizations to a variety of large dock equipment on-site. Hernandez Consulting & Construction provided corrosion control and refurbishment of four (4) Constant Tension Devices including repairs to counterweight assembly, fairleader support structure, wire rope and components, and the hoist sheave. Hernandez also prepared and recoated the monorail inhaul system including base-plates, stiffener plates, anchor bolts. Our team removed all oil, grease, dirt, salt contamination and other foreign matter through solvent cleaning and water blasting and apply a new primer coat. Finally, Hernandez Consulting & Construction replaced exterior lighting on six towers to include flood lights, rotating beacons, and security lights.

Our team incurred down time most days related to site access restrictions, weapons handling, condition two storms or special security conditions.