Judge Brooks Renovation


Fayetteville, AR


General Services Administration



Project Cost


Hernandez Consulting & Construction was the prime contractor on the contract for the renovation of the judge’s chambers and other spaces. Spaces renovated include the break room, rest room, a visiting judge’s office space and the addition of a new client/lawyer conference room. Extensive renovation included the removal and replacement of wallpaper, ceiling grid and tiles, plumbing, flooring, cabinetry, sheetrock, electrical and HVAC. All spaces were brought up to existing fire code.. All spaces were painted and/or wallpapered and either carpeted or tiled. New ceiling tile and grid put into place. The project included installing temporary administrative facilities, site demolition, site preparation, interior selective demolition at the existing administration building, the addition of approximately 560 square feet to the east end of the existing administration building, HVAC relocations additions, interior finishes, new topsoil, landscape, irrigation, curb and gutter, and paving areas.

This work was done solely after business hours and on the weekends in order not to conflict with the courtroom schedule.