Fort Hood Administrative Offices


Fort Hood, TX


Department of the Army



Project Cost


Hernandez Consulting & Construction converted Building 90042, a 3-story barracks, into office space. The renovation of this building is part of a multi-phase renovation project to establish Air Force and Army office buildings in a former residential area. The 24,000SF structure required complete demolition for the full renovation which included all new ducting, VAV boxes and support equipment except for the air handler unit. The room configuration was significantly changed as were the uses of all spaces and climate control was necessarily effected heavily. The new heater and boiler were installed to work with the existing air handler unit. Insulation was added in all new walls and the windows were replaced with Low-emissions High R value glazing.

Each floor was systematically completed by trade before moving on to the next floor. This phasing allowed for continuous construction and the elimination of additional materials needed for rework and safety, and stair cases. The complete roof replacement occurred in The first phase while demolition of the interior spaces was being completed. Exterior landscaping, seeding and improvement were part of the final phase which included clean up.