Bayou Segnette Mitigation Site

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Jefferson Parish, LA


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers



Project Cost


This mitigation project was located in the vicinity of Bayou Segnette, and was performed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for future turnover to the State of Louisiana.  The limits of the project fell just outside the perimeter of the State Park and run adjacent to the Outer Cataouatche Canal.  Upon initial site investigation, the site was overrun with Chinese Tallow (Triadica sebifera) as the primary invasive species present.  There were also several species of nuisance plants that were present (i.e. Mikania scandens, Eupatorium capillifolium, Rubrus sp., etc.).

The intent of the project was to eliminate the invasive and nuisance plant species by mechanical clearing, herbicide treatments, and subsequent monitoring and mowing.  After successfully completing this scope, the 150-acre area was replanted with new native canopy and midstory plant species.  The site required further monitoring, ground-based herbicide “spot” treatments, and maintenance mowing upon completion of the planting in order to maximize the overall success potential of the project.

The initial herbicide application was performed aerially using helicopters outfitted with GPS equipment and spray booms.  This permitted a better broad-based application of the herbicide for the initial treatment.  After allowing a few weeks to let the herbicide chemicals to take effect, the clearing by mechanical means began utilizing tracked equipment with chipper/shredder attachments.  After completing the mechanical clearing, the site was treated with a second aerial herbicide application prior to installing the new plants. The remaining herbicide treatments were conducted by hand sprayer as the native trees have already been planted and the focus of treatment is meant to reduce low growing shrubs and grasses.