411 Bourbon St.


New Orleans, LA


Cajun House, LLC



Project Cost


Hernandez Consulting & Construction was contracted to build out Mambo’s, a privately-owned, commercial restaurant in the heart of the French Quarter, located on the 400 block of Bourbon Street. Hernandez built out the interior of the existing brick masonry into a space for restaurant use.

A third floor was added to the existing two-story building, and it is the highlight of the project. The new floor was completed with an outside dining deck surrounded by a decorative wire rope trellis, so that restaurant diners can enjoy the view of Bourbon Street below. The third floor bar has refurbished decorative fireplace hearths with reflective paneling and lighting to give effect.

Two historical balconies were refurbished on the second floor, as well as the floor’s existing roof being demolished and the entire second floor was transformed into general dining and private dining areas.