Project Management

Two Way Radio Replacement 

Location:  New Orleans, LA

Contract Completion:  June 2011

Project Cost:  $93,320.00

Hernandez Consulting worked as a subcontractor to Two-Way Communications on New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board’s contract to replace their entire two way radio system. The new system is trunked for more efficient use of channels and lower wait times. Hernandez Consulting was responsible for the project management of the entire contract, which included programming portable radios, base stations, and mobile radios; replacement of repeater sites, replacement of antenna wires, installation of base stations, procurement of portable radios, and installation mobile radios, quality control, and tracking of 416 mobile radios in the board’s fleet.

Louisiana Title Work

Location:  Louisiana

Contract Completion:  Ongoing

Project Cost:  $1,652,747 To Date

After hurricane Katrina, numerous Parish records had been lost or destroyed, complicating the title work process considerably. Hernandez Consulting has been handling project management for real estate title services and title insurances for the acquisition of various servitude interests or the full interest in property from private individuals, corporations, or governmental bodies. We serve as the intermediary between the USACE and the firms conducting the title services, as well as conducting quality control testing to ensure that the title interim binders are meeting the needs of the government and maintaining project tracking.

Energy Audits & Strategy for New Orleans Public Schools


Location:  New Orleans, LA

Contract Completion:  January 2010

Project Cost:  $500,000

Hernandez Consulting provided energy modeling, energy auditing, and general energy efficiency consulting services to the New Orleans Public School System, including an overall energy efficiency conservation strategy. We used utility data and building plans to conduct initial assessments of schools. During site visits, our team evaluated the condition of HVAC, kitchen, lighting and other control equipment for energy. The information collected was organized and analyzed in computer models and presented in a report along with a list of the most effective Energy Conservation Measures, Water Conservation Measures, and Facility Improvement Measures, to include payback analysis, equipment review/selection and final recommendations. The comprehensive energy audit report is being used by A/E Design teams for deciding retro-fits, improvements, and new construction changes in order to achieve LEED Silver certification for the schools.


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