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Wharf Repairs/Improvements 

Contract Number:  N69450-10-D-1269

Project Owner:  Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Location:  Kings Bay, GA

Contract Completion:  June 2014

Project Cost:  $7,701,789.16

The Gulf Building & Hernandez Consulting Joint Venture has completed a project that consisted of repairs to Explosive Handling Wharf 2 (EHW2) and Warping Wharf (WW) at a Naval Submarine Base. Repairs and improvements include reinforced concrete repairs, application of sealant on piles and pile caps in EHW2 above mean low water elevation. Installation of a galvanic & metalizing cathodic protection system on all the WW concrete piles. Installation of anodes and grounding harness system on steel fender piles. Cleaning, coating, and installation of new fender wraps to all steel fender piles. Repairs of mooring hardware foundation and coating and sealing of mooring hardware. Finally, replacement of ladders with galvanized steel ladders throughout facility.  The contract was completed without any modifications and received an Exceptional CPARS rating.  In August 2014 we received The STAR Award from The Department of the Navy for the implementation of our excellent safety program.

Mississippi River Levee Improvements

Contract Number:  W912P8-13-C-0056

Project Owner:  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District

Location:  Jefferson Parish, LA

Contract Completion:  Projected-December 2015

Project Cost:  $10,492,322

The project is to raise a nine mile stretch of the Mississippi River Levee on the East Bank in Jefferson Parish. The work consists of raising the Levee by removing the access roadway and various permitted vehicle crossings and adding approximately two feet of material. Once the added material is in place, we will replace the access road and permitted vehicle crossings. The entire project will be divided into two segments, beginning with a 4.2-mile stretch that starts at the Orleans Parish line. Following completion of the first stretch, the second 4.6-mile segment from Orchard Road to the St. Charles Parish line will begin. Both segments are projected to take 13 months to complete.

Emergency & Ambulatory Care Renovation & Expansion

Contract Number:  VA256-C-133

Project Owner:  Department of Veterans Affairs Alexandria VA HCS

Location:  Alexandria, LA

Contract Completion:  June 2013

Project Cost:  $7,085,753.24

The project encompassed approximately 17,135 square feet of new construction, 20,759 square feet of renovated space, and 2,760 square feet of outside covered patio. Work consisted of thermal and moisture protection, doors, windows, interior finishes, miscellaneous specialties, mechanical, electrical, and asbestos abatement. Portions of the building remained in use while work was being completed, project phasing and strict infections controls were utilized to maintain separation of occupied spaces and construction areas.

U.S. Army Admin Building Renovation

Contract Number:  W91151-12-C-0776

Project Owner:  Department of the Army Fort Hood, TX

Location:  Kileen, TX

Contract Completion:  August 2013

Project Cost:  $2,883,407.00

Hernandez Consulting converted a 3-story residential building, into office space. The 24,000 SF structure required complete interior demolition for the full renovation. Except for the air handler unit, an all-new mechanical system was installed. The new heater and boiler were installed to work with the existing air handler unit. Insulation was added in all new walls and the windows were replaced with Low-emissions High R value glazing. Each floor was systematically completed by trade before moving on to the next floor. This phasing allowed for continuous construction. The complete roof replacement occurred in the first phase while demolition of the interior spaces was being completed. Exterior landscaping, seeding and improvement were part of the final phase.

Design/Build Gym Renovation & Addition 

Contract Number:  FA4608-12-C-0024

Project Owner:  United States Air Force Barksdale AFB

Location:  Bossier City, LA

Contract Completion:  March 2014

Project Cost:  $2,240,450.00

The project included the addition of an aerobics and weight room and  renovation of the Women’s Locker Room within an existing two-story fitness center. The addition is an extension of the existing building that was strategically placed along the east end of the building. The roof structure is composed of steel joists, metal decking and a TPO roof system. The mechanical system is an extension of the existing structure’s current four-pipe system. The addition utilizes existing windows to bring in natural light. The current aerobics room was renovated into an expanded women’s locker/shower area. The renovation included expanding the mechanical system, a new steam sauna and all new finishes.


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