Health Care Facilities

New Dental Clinic


Location:  Shrevport, LA

Contract Completion:  April 2013

Project Cost:  $4,513,464.26

The Project was for the new construction of 13,400 SF, two-story Dental Clinic, including all site preparation, site utilities, site work, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, communication and security systems. The new Dental Clinic has a 2-stop hydraulic elevator with waiting, reception and administrative spaces on both the first and second floors. The construction provided for a total of 15 patient rooms, 2 panoramic x-ray rooms, 2 dental laboratories. Hernandez Consulting also furnished and installed all dental laboratory equipment, a dental vacuum system, an air compressor system and amalgam collectors.

Emergency & Ambulatory Care Renovation & Expansion


Location:  Alexandria, LA

Contract Completion:  June 2013

Project Cost:  $7,085,753.24

The project encompassed approximately 17,135 square feet of new construction, 20,759 square feet of renovated space, and 2,760 square feet of outside covered patio. Work consisted of thermal and moisture protection, doors, windows, interior finishes, miscellaneous specialties, mechanical, electrical, and asbestos abatement. Portions of the building remained in use while work was being completed, project phasing and strict infections controls were utilized to maintain separation of occupied spaces and construction areas.

Outpatient Mental Health Building


Location:  Alexandria, LA

Contract Completion:  February 2012

Project Cost:  $3,838,881.34

The project is for the new construction of a 13,000 SF Outpatient Mental Health Clinic. Included are 75 parking spaces with site lighting and walks for the Medical Center Campus. Construction included tie-ins to existing site work such as paving, walks, and structured walkways. Construction also included roads, walks, grading, drainage, site utility systems, and necessary removal of existing construction alterations. The building is one story with a stucco exterior, with a covered entryway.

Nursing Home & Domiciliary Renovation & Expansion


Location:  Bonham, TX

Contract Completion:  December 2012

Project Cost:  $2,769,540.00

The project included three separate expansion and renovation projects with a total of 5,000 SQFT of renovation, and 5,000 SQFT of expansion. HC installed six (6) air conditioning units and nearly 350 cubic feet of concrete. HVAC work included the installation of six 5 ton air handler/condenser package units, ductwork, and controls. HVAC system was tied into campus chilled water loop and existing Siemens controls system. Other work included demolition, architectural finishes, structural, plumbing, electrical and a fire suppression system. Construction took place in an active medical facility with a level four (4) infectious control rating. Work included multiple phases of zoned construction with negative air machines and other infectious control measures.

Project Legacy Hospital


Location:  New Orleans, LA

Contract Completion:  Estimated 2015

Project Cost:  $2,469,798.48


Hernandez Consulting is working as a subcontractor to Clark McCarthy Healthcare Partners for the construction of the VA Project Legacy Hospital in New Orleans, LA. This is part of a $1 billion medical complex. Our scope includes furnishing and installing all exterior hollow metal doors, all coiling doors, all coiling grilles, all exterior automatic door openers, all dock levelers, all exterior glazed ornamental handrails, all exterior wire-rope handrails, as well as stainless steel elevator cladding. The contract also consists of overhead protection walkways, and construction site fencing.


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