Thomas L. Marsalis Elementary Addition 


Location:  Dallas, TX

Contract Completion:  September 2013

Project Cost:  $7.5 Million

The project was for a new 28,000 square foot 2-story addition with a service courtyard. . The addition contains 18 classrooms, teachers’ break room and two restrooms; it consists of a hollow core plank foundation with a steel structure. The existing school received new doors and hardware along with a new paint job. Some of the additions to the facility include, Geothermal heating and cooling, retention pond, Bus lane, Parking additions, Landscape and Irrigation throughout. Some of the existing windows were replaced and security screens were added to all of the first floor windows. The exterior features include sunshades and walkway covers. The entire school also received a new security system.

Seagoville School Addition


Location:  Seagoville, TX

Contract Completion:  September 2013

Project Cost:  $9,586,000

The project is to build a 39,460 SF addition to the existing and renovate sections of the existing buildings. The addition will add 21 classrooms, 4 large restrooms and a large enclosed court yard. The structure is a pan decking with structural steel. The renovation work for the school consisted of renovating all restrooms, replace the HVAC equipment, install a new elevator and construct a new parking lot.

Oran Roberts Elementary


Location:  Dallas, TX

Contract Completion:  September 2013

Project Cost:  $16,439,000

Hernandez Consulting built a new 98,700 SF, 2 story school. The school will be occupied by students from Pre-K to 5th grade. The entire school contains 44 classrooms, library, gymnasium, cafeteria and auditorium. The structure is composed for hollow core planks and a steel structure. The HVAC chilled water system is produced by the geothermal wells from the site. An underground retention system is installed to allow maximum parking capacity due to the small area allotted for the building.

Energy Audits & Strategy for New Orleans Public Schools


Location:  New Orleans, LA

Contract Completion:  January 2010

Project Cost:  $500,000

Hernandez Consulting provided energy modeling, energy auditing, and general energy efficiency consulting services to the New Orleans Public School System, including an overall energy efficiency conservation strategy. We used utility data and building plans to conduct initial assessments of schools. During site visits, our team evaluated the condition of HVAC, kitchen, lighting and other control equipment for energy. The information collected was organized and analyzed in computer models and presented in a report along with a list of the most effective Energy Conservation Measures, Water Conservation Measures, and Facility Improvement Measures, to include payback analysis, equipment review/selection and final recommendations. The comprehensive energy audit report is being used by A/E Design teams for deciding retro-fits, improvements, and new construction changes in order to achieve LEED Silver certification for the schools.


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