Building Infrastructure

Design/Build Gym HVAC System Replacement 

Location:  West Palm Beach, FL

Contract Completion:  Ongoing

Project Cost:  $972,673.00

This project is a design/build project for the redesign and replacement of HVAC systems in the Computer and Telephone Rooms. The project involves increasing the cooling load capabilities of the system such that there are both systematic and mechanical redundancies available. This will be achieved by using Liebert Dual Cool units which operate using either chilled water or refrigerant. Additionally the project is sizing the units such that if there one unit fails, the other unit can provide sufficient cooling to both spaces.

Site & Building Lighting Upgrades

Location:  West Palm Beach, FL

Contract Completion:  Ongoing

Project Cost:  $972,673.00

This project is to design/build upgrades to site and building lighting systems for a Medical Center. The project includes a full lighting survey, to determine lighting counts and energy usage, to be used as the basis of the lighting design. The project is required to meet a minimum 5%-10% energy reduction for the new lighting to be used while still maintain the photometrics and lighting quality that was installed previously. Work is being phased to maintain operations at the Medical Center

Historic Roof & Gutter Replacement


Location:  Alexandria, LA

Contract Completion:  July 2011

Project Cost:  $403,617

Hernandez Consulting completed the contract to repair or replace 10,000 SF of roofing and gutters on a historic building within a medical campus. The project included removing existing clay tile roof, replacing all underlayment and flashing, and reinstalling clay tile roofing. Additionally, we provided a new built-u roof, with all new insulation and flashing, new metal gutters at the covered entrance walk, and installed new hollow metal doors and frames and aluminum windows.

Design/Build Medical Center Solar Photovoltaic System  

Location:  West Palm Beach, FL

Contract Completion:  February 2014

Project Cost:  $793,638.00

The Gulf Building & Hernandez Consulting Joint Venture has completed a project to install a solar photovoltaic system for the West Palm Beach VA Hospital. The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems was installed on the roofs of buildings #10 and #13 on the Medical Center campus. The design had to meet additional wind loading and uplift because the project is located in a high wind zone, and needed to withstand hurricane force winds. This project is “Net Metered” and tied to the local electrical grid. The system is designed to produce over 200kW of power.


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